Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/18/07 Trans Siberian Orchestra in Vegas

Last Year my good buddy Taylor told me about this show that I should go to..."its a Christmas show,"he told me, "but with heavy metal music with an orchestra, with members of the 80's prog-metal band,Savatage playing!" I was like,no way man, I hate Christmas music!(I know,bah humbug!)He bought us tickets and I reluctanly decided to go with him. We had decent seats and could see the stage perfectly. I was tripping on the huge lighting rigs and said so. He said to me.."just wait!" When the show started I was blown away by the sheer energy and power of the music and the lightshow was something out of a Pink Floyd concert. They had like 5 guy singers that did their parts and a woman singer that was wonderful. They had a guy narrating the story of a Christmas tale throughout, then another song would explode from the story! It was incredible!!! I was floored! I was in tears! It was moving! There was over 7,000 people there who may have felt the same. After the show the band comes out to meet the fans,but we just had to leave due to being just exhausted from this spectacle!! Here is a video from a live show I got on YouTube:

So when I saw they were coming back this year on Nov 18th I made sure to get us tickets. I got two amazing seats in the middle section about 20 rows back(perfect!!!) from a cool musician I met named John. He playes with Jon Oliva, the singer for Savatage and originator of this TSO show. He has a band out called Jon Oliva's Pain that you should seriously check out!!! When Taylor and I got to our seats we were just stoked! They were so close!(Thanks John!!!)
It was good to share with the guy that turned me onto them in the first place!
This show was a little different; They had a new guy singer that was a long-hair instead of the baldy guy from last year that I loved. This guy was awesome though! They had a few small changes but all in all it was a phenomenal show once again and seeing it so close was shocking!! We needed sun glasses for the laser light show and all the bright lights!! Yeeow! Was so cool!!
They have huge firepots and we actually felt them when they went off!! I swear the drummer must get singed hairs on the back of his head every show!!! It was so hot! Al Pitrelli was killer as usual and so was Angus the other guitarist. The dueling keybordists is a fun part of the show as is the part when they acually come into the audience and play! I loved that they did Carmina Burana,my fave classical song in the world!! It always brings a tear to my eye.
It was the loudest,most impressive show I have ever seen,so people, I am telling you, when they come back,go see this show!!! It also gives you a good feeling inside that there is some good left in the world and we should love each other and give of each other...its a beautiful message!
Merry Christmas every one!!! (A little early!)
(Photos taken from TSO web-site.)
I would give this show: \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ Horn's up!!!!!


Dawn said...


I will be watching TSO for the first time on the 25th in Sacramento. I've heard nothing but great things about the show. Your ROCK REPORT is kick ass! Being a fan of both Savatage and Jon Oliva's Pain.....WHY THE HELL NOT!!

Keep the reviews coming! MUAH!!

Leah Burlington said...

Thanks Dawn!!! Have a blast!!