Tuesday, November 20, 2007

11/19/07 Beowulf the I MAX experience!!!!

I got the extreme pleasure of seeing Beowulf in IMAX last nite at the Brenden Palms Theater!
This movie is one of the coolest experiences I have ever had at a movie,period!! I really liked the story because I love history and ancient battle scenes with warriors and all that stuff(my fave movie is Excalibur) so I really dug the movie! If it wasnt in 3D it probably wouldnt be that cool,but it was still a must see!
The first thing that happened was getting these weird glasses for the 3D thing and I wasnt expecting much because remember the old days of 3D...not that great.. well from the minute they start the screen with the opening IMAX stuff,everyone went silent..until it was over when a guy blurted out, " I'm Impressed!!!!" We all laughed and then the movie started!! From the opening credits, it was mind blowing how real this was!! I took off the glasses to see what the screen looked like and it was just blurry. So put them back on and was in for s ride!! You could actually put your hand out and feel like you were touching something coming outta the screen!! It was crazy!!! The whole movie was really cool with all the actors in this new way of digital animation was very real. It was almost perfect and I am sure within a few years you wont be able to tell the difference from real actors and animated. Its called motion capture technique and its taking off! It was crazy how every hair was shown and every nuance of the face and the light and shadow was amazing!! I loved it and was in awe the whole show. The artists that did this need to get an oscar for their work,not the actors!! There is a lot of gory parts and the dragon sequences were the best I have ever seen!! It was spectacular!!!
Go see this movie in the IMAX experience and see what I am talking about!! It is excellent!!! I hope to see a lot more movies done like this because its just so damn much fun to watch!!!!!

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I would give this movie: \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ Horn's up!!!!

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