Sunday, November 25, 2007

11/25/07 The MIST!!!!!

I gotta tell you guys I have loved Stephen King since I was a kid and have all his books. I dont remember reading The Mist,but I may have when I was a kid. I absolutely wanted to go see this movie and I had only seen a couple of trailers about it and heard it had a twisted ending,so I didnt know what I was in for. My buddy Al and I went and were both blown away by the scary/gore fest that was being shown to us. I loved the audience screaming and laughing out loud to some of the one liners! I am not going to spoil the movie for anyone that hasnt gone yet, but I will say that the story line is fanatastic, but if you are religious or sensitive do not see this flick, you will be offended. I thought it was all ironic as hell and funny because they got the comments so spot on in what is going on in our world and how people can be more monsterous than and beasties in the Mist!!! Loved that shit!! Especially when you get fear instilled into people by a religious fanatic! What a hoot! Then comes the twist, the ending....I will not tell you but I will say is this; I was shocked and a bit traumatized at the end...I have seen so many horror movies in my life,but this was the ending of all endings my friends...This was "THE" ending! The most fucked up ending I have ever seen. I am still a bit emotional about it and it was a few hours agao that I saw it. Dont take your kids people...this is gnarly! BUT: I loved it!! It stirred emotions up,it was ironic,and genious!!! It wasnt even the same ending that was in the book and I dont know what that was,but this ending was perfect.(Deal with it fans of the book!)I will definatly buy this when it comes out on DVD!! This was a kick-ass,scary,fun,freaked out flick!! Go see it but leave the kids at home!! Its about time we finally got a killer horror movie again! Its been far too long.....

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