Monday, November 26, 2007

Deadly 7@ The Beauty Bar 10/26/07

Since I didnt have a blog back when I saw this show, I wanted to do a review of it and let people in on one of the coolest shows to hit the Vegas scene in a long time! Here is my review:

There is a crazy ass punk-girl band here in Vegas that is made up of 7 ex-showgirls called the Deadly 7! They are named after the seven deadly sins and they are true to the name!! Deadly!!! I saw a show of theirs at the Beauty Bar on Blak Fridays about a month ago. It was very bombastic and crazy with smoke bombs,ambulances,riot police,and guys with pig masks! There was lots of blood and sexual content and tape over nipples. The music was rude and offensive and punk rock! Sgt Blak and his band the Kuntz played the instruments of terror! There were suicides and candlewax..there were nuns and paganistic rituals. It was absolutely insane!!!!!!!
Here is a video taken from that nite and I am in it!! Watch for me pushing back at the riot police and flipping him off!!! Lol! Good shite!

I think this is cool so I wanted to post it!!They did an interview at their managers house with a radio jock and here is how it went....

They are having another show at the Icehouse on main street downtown on friday the 7th and I dont think the club knows what they are in for!!! Its going to be insane! These girls are going to go far so go see them while you can in a small club before you will never see them like that again! Their page is at Many of their individual pages have been taken off myspace for obsenity but this page is still up!! Check them out!!! I swear you wont ever see anything like this again!!!

If you want to see the photos I shot for at this show go to and hit the gallery page and the deadly 7 are there!

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