Sunday, November 4, 2007

This new Blog-thing....

Hello to All!

I was told by my mentor that I should create a Blog to do my concert reviews and post photo's from shows I go to. I think this is a killer idea and I thought while I was at it I could do cd reviews and tell people out in the rock world just what is going on in Vegas in the local rock scene and what is happening out here. I also have a website dedicated to all that I do and that is at

To tell you that do not know me a little about myself: I am a 41 year old metal-head that has been to probably hundreds of concerts. I live for the music and my first concert was Queen in 1980. I was 13 years old! That was the jumping point for me to go to every show I could but when I heard Judas Priest in 81',my life was forever changed. I became a metal-head. I am not your typical metal chick, though I have come a long way,have done major things and changed my life for the better. I went to Massage school and became a healer and love to nurture and help people. I am a total nature buff and love to travel. I love the ocean and animals. So I am not into drugs or cigs, just love to have a beer or three and see my fave bands and take tons of photos of them! I am a concert photographer now and I do Nightlife photography for I am the only photog out there for this site that shoots the rock scene. is a dance-club scene site,but I like to add my own personal spin to it by going to the local rock/metal clubs and show people that this stuff isnt dead and that us rockers are alive and well in Vegas!! I also love to show that there are some killer rock bands in Vegas that I try and support as much as I can. I also pride myself on finding cutting edge rock/metal/prog/power out there that not too many people know about. Stuff that you will not find on any radio station. There is an emerging scene of prog/power bands coming out of Europe and the US and the world, that is some of the most talented and mind blowing music on the planet! I went to a show in Atlanta Georgia called Prog/Power (you can find that @ )a few weeks ago,that caters to this kind of mind melting metal! Only the few the proud can say they have been to this show that has been going on for 8 years and continues to sell out every year! I and my friend Taylor Hicks went to the show and had the time of our life and we did a review and photos for Virtuosa Magazine out of England. I will post the review on here as soon as it is published in the mag. I also went to the largest metal festival in the world called Wacken Open Air(you can find that @ in Aug of this year in Germany. This is the premire metal fest with over 70 bands in 3 days out in a cow pasture in a sleepy farm town called Wacken. It was three of the best days of my life and I had major access to the whole thing and did a review on that also. I will post that on here too! All review's from here on out I will post on my blog and on my web-site.

I also have tons of blogs that I have done that are reviews of shows of the past that I will post here from http//

I also have a photography page at

Would love feedback from you guys, please just try and be constructive about it and positive. This is out of love for the music and trying to support it in any way I can....

Thanks and stay METAL!!! \m/\m/
PS: The photos above are Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth at Wacken, and Nils from Pagans mind at PP...and then of course just me... ; )

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