Thursday, January 3, 2008


I have some great news guys and gals!!! I submitted some photos from my point and shoot camera from about ten years ago when I saw Priest with Ripper on the Jugulator tour in Phoenix and Vegas, to a publisher that found me on myspace,called ECW Press. I have been waiting and wondering if they would even get published and if the book was even coming out! Well my wait is over...yesterday when I got off work I got a BIG package in the mail and there it was: JUDAS PRIEST:HEAVY METAL PAINKILLERS!!!I was shocked to see that I had over 5 photos in two chapters of this book with photo cred and everything!! I was astounded! Priest is my ALL time fave band and to be in such a kick ass book is a dream to me!!
It was written by Martin Popoff a rock journalist and its a history of the band from their roots to today. Its even got the Ripper years and Rob and Glen's solo times in there! You can buy the book on :
This is part of what is said about the book on Amazon:

"Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers" is a very good chronicling of the band's 35-year history by Martin Popoff. The book is 380 pages and full of colored photos and illustrations of band members, album covers, magazine covers, etc. Popoff devotes 25 chapters to tell Priest's story, one chapter per each official studio & live album, as well as chapters devoted to "the early years" and all side projects of band members, such as Fight, Halford, Glenn Tipton and Two. Martin rightly stresses Priest's most innovative and prolific years from 1976-1979 wherein they released four incredible albums that pulsate with creativity: SAD WINGS OF DESTINY (1976), SIN AFTER SIN (1977), STAINED CLASS (1978) and HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (1979). Popoff states that, if Priest did nothing else significant in the rest of their entire career, they are worthy of eternal respect and awe for these works alone. It has been said that Black Sabbath created heavy music, but Judas Priest created metal. The above four albums testify to this with songs like "Tyrant," "Dreamer Deceiver," "The Sinner," "Let Us Prey," "Dissident Aggressor," "Exciter," "Stained Class," "Beyond the realms of Death," "Saints in Hell," "Burning Up" and "Delivering the Goods." Sabbath may have given birth to doom, gothic and stoner metal, but Priest gave birth to power, speed, progressive and epic metal.

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So get your copy today and own the history of Judas "Freakin'" Priest!!!

The other kewl news for me is that I am shooting galleries and concert photos for a new online magazine called One of the originators David Woo,has some miraculous things coming in this webzine in the future!! This is right up my alley since I used to do doing the same stuff, so here we go again with me all in your faces taking photos again!! Hope you all dont mind!! Lets show the world just how rocking Vegas really is!!
See ya out there!!!

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