Monday, February 25, 2008


After the ATR show at Jillians I was called by my boss from MOJOREPUBLIK.COM and he told me that there was a free show at the Dive Bar with Meat Loaf's daugter Pearl's band would be playing and Scott Ian from Anthrax was in the band too. So I zipped over from downtown to Trop and Pecos where the Dive is and got there just in time to see something that I wasnt expecting. A kick ass rock band with an amazing beautiful singer, which was Pearl. I have seen her on some show singing with her dad that was a few years ago and she definatly got a great voice from her Pop!

Her hubby,Scott Ian layed out the licks for her and looked to be having a good time. I was surprised when he actually hung out for a few pix and autographs after the show. He was actually cool to us. (he hasnt been before that is why I am stating this fact. He has been rude and flippant with us on a few occasions,that is why I was so surprised)
Scott Ian!

The band was tight and I think they are called Mother Superior(thats what was on the flyer) and Pearl just looked so natural onstage,like she has been there all her life.

After the show me and Ski(the Punk Rock Papparazzi) got the band to pose for a couple of shots and it was difficult to get them all togther,but they finally did get togther and here is the proof..hehehe.

It was a kewl show and I would go see her again if she pops through Vegas. Hope she goes far and keeps rockin'!!!
There are more killer photos from the show and of the people that were there here:

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Evan said...

Scott Ian has his own Video Blog! He has some pretty cool shows on there that are definitely worth your time! Check it out!