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3/29/08 DEAD,JAIL,OR ROCK-N-ROLL:Book by Chris Lacey

A book review by Leah Burlington

I remember meeting Chris Lacey after a brief chat on Myspace and dropping in on him at work unexpectatly at Capriottis. Probably wasnt a good time to meet him. He looked Burnt out(little did I know that he really looks that way normally,heehee) and surprised to see me. We chatted over a Bobbie and I thought he was a really a sweet and intelligent guy once you got to know him.
I went to see his band Hell Patrol and it was a mess. He wrote about it in the book and yes I was there. It seemed like this guy had absolutely no luck. His singer was a mini Rob Halford that was crackin me up as he he tripped over Chris' bass cord and it all went to shit! I felt for the guy. Chris that is. After all the bad luck they at least got in a few good Priest songs in that actually sounded good. I told Chris that day that Priest is my fave band and if you suck I will tell you. They werent that bad, it was just that singer that freaked me out a! Chris was just so happy to be playing.
Another time I remember was a party that he met me at at the Pollyesters at the Stratosphere where CC Deville was supposed to put in an appearance...he did but he fell way off the wagon, I heard and was no-where to be found. Chris was totally wasted and we went up an elevator with another guy and a couple other peeps to go to this private party, when he jokingly hit his head against the wall. This other tertosteroned out, total crazy sonofabitch freaked out and tried to start a fight with him. The guy's eyes freaked me out..they were red like he was going to kill Chris. I totally sober,got in the middle of what could have been my ass, and got Chris away from this idiot! I just knew I had to step in or Chris would have been pulverized. I think this guy was on Rhoids. It was scary! Lets just say it was the scariest moment of my life getting between two fucked up guys getting ready to brawl. I got Chris in the elevator and outta the casino and away from the secrurity guys that were watching us like hawks. I gave him a ride home and he was so damn grateful. I was like, "Its cool man, no worries." I still wonder why I didnt just fly outta that place by myself and leave them to fight.....I just felt I had to help him. It was the right thing to do...
Anyway, when he said he was moving to Memphis and writing a book, I didnt know what to believe. I am telling you, I barely remember most of the late 80's because I was always wasted. No drugs mind you, never did them, but alcohol was always on the agenda wherever we went. I was out partying at least 3-4 days out of the week back then, and sometimes I still do that. You think I would grow up and lead a normal life one of these days. But with the resurgence of METAL in the last few years its just been like being in my 20's again. Most my girlfriends say that. But what I was trying to say was, I dont hardly remember shit from most the nights I was out back then. How was a burn-out like Chris going to write his memories in a book??? Well he did, my friends and I think some of it he wished he didnt remember. I know he kept a journal, so that helped him a lot. But a lot of it got stolen. How did he do it, because I know I could write a book about my experiences in the rock n roll scene,but a lot of it is a blur. I know that is sad,but dammit I had fun!! I know Chris had fun because a lot of his story is funny in places ,some of the shit he and his friends did and got away with! He had the time of his life and a lot of times he had to pay the price. He is an alcoholic and is as I write this like over 45 days sober.(which I am proud of him!) But he has done this before. Cleaned up. I can only pray he can stay clean because he cannot party with a "few" drinks,he has to drink a case and then go insane. Thats why I dont drink Tequila or Jack. That shit makes me grow horns and a tail, I tell people that all the time. I understand how it is man. I become insane too, he just needs a lot more to get "there" than I do..
Chris after drinking a case of beer....

On to the book: I read this book in 3 sittings and at work walking down the halls to the EDR. It was so absorbing,it felt like you were there. I felt the need for a shower after some of this stuff he wrote about!! Living on the streets,doing every drug imaginable,dirty sex with several women,eating out of a dumpster, time in jail,and so on. It was like watching a train wreck...I could not look away. I had to see how it all turned out and ALL the gory was so funny sometimes I had to laugh out loud . He did some silly shit man!!
As he said; it is the tale of the unknown rocker that never " Made It", it just reminds me of watching Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Part 2 and wondering what happend to all those cats that said they would "Make It" as rock stars no matter what. When Penelope Miller asked them again, what they would do if they didnt and the guys would all say...I WILL make it... there isnt any other option. That was Chris. He was "one" of those guys. He wasnt in the movie,but might as well have been. Looks to me this story is a LOT of what happened to those guys that didnt make it big in Hollywood back in the day. It is probably all their stories to one extent or another. So it makes me sad when being in the "scene" in those days and having all that fun and seeing how terrible this guys life was in the aftermath. Actually a lot of the bad shit happened to him were during the greatest times of the late 80's scene. I just didnt see it that way. I guess I was naive because I never saw all that drug use and stayed away from people that did that shit. Later I have found out that most of them were on something. I had no idea!
So after reading this testimonial to a drug and alcohol hazed life, I have found a new respect for my buddy Chris. He DID IT!! He wrote a kick ass book that every rocker should read. No.. any person that is into drugs and has alcohol addiction. Anyone that can handle a good but heartwrenching story about a guy who loved rock n roll so much and wanted to be a rockstar, but let drugs and alcohol get in the way. I am sure this has happend to many people. This shit goes hand in hand ya know. If you didnt come out a casuality of of the 80's you were lucky. I am one of "those" lucky ones. I came out with some great memories and some not so great, and even none at all at times, but guess what, I survived the decade of decadance and so did Chris. He is alive and here to tell about it. He is the unknown rocker,his name is not important, his stories are....

Love ya Chris!!! Rock the fuck on!!!

Here is how you can get Dead,Jail, Or Rock n Roll: Use this link not the photo....

(PS: I just realised that Chris gave me an acknowledgement in the front page of the book thanking me with a bunch of other cool people. I could barely read it through the autographed sweet note that he wrote to me in the book.That is an honor to me man. Thank you!
I have also been acknowledged in Lonn Friends book " Life on Planet Rock" and my photos printed in the new Judas Priest tribute book called "Heavy Metal Painkillers"... now I gotta ask ya.."How does it get better than this?" I am a lucky person!!)


Chris' Myspace:

I give this book \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/ horns WAY up!!

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