Monday, February 23, 2009


Found out about this new band today from a friend of mine that is managing them. They are from Sweden and I am going to play them on my radio show tonite on at 7pm pacific!

Bio from Myspace:
Inmoria started in april -08 by keyboardist Danne Eriksson (formerly drummer of Tad Morose). At that point, Danne played all the instruments himself at his studio in Bollnäs, Sweden.

He was so pleased with the songs that he decided to start recruiting musicians for the project. He soon asked "Krunt" Andersson (Tad Morose) to come and lay down some guitars on a couple of tracks, and after that, "Krunt" was asked to join the project.

Peter Morén (Tad Morose, Steel Attack) was asked by "Krunt" to join the project to play drums. From the band God Awful Machine came bassplayer Tommi Karppanen.

Discussions about a singer took place and they soon asked "Chulle" Rytkönen (Morgana Lefay) to come and do some vocals. The result was exceptional and he was also asked to join the project and then, the line up was complete.

Some pretty cool musicians are in this band so go check them out if you havn't yet!!!
and website:

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Heloisa said...

they know how to make GREAT music!