Thursday, May 14, 2009


Masterplan News

About the singer situation?

Sorry for the silence on this page, but we really don't try to create any hype out of it. We would love to tell you the new line-up already some month ago, but we promised not to say anything so far.
It has reasons, which doesn't have anything to do with Masterplan or the current line up. It is more a contract or a business kind of thing ! So don’t blame me or the Band for it!

The new line-up had already a meeting 9 weeks ago and finally again last week for checking and working on the new song material. We had also many nice talks and ideas for the future.

Recording start is finally this weekend in my studio in SK! Album mix is planned for the beginning of August. We're expecting the album release in late Autumn, or let’s say...when it’s finished :O)

Concerning the Forum, we know it has problems we had some issues concerning the servers. A new one will be available.

Hope this helps for the moment and we’ll promise to get the main news out A.S.A.P.


Posted on 08 May 2009
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