Friday, June 19, 2009


Circus Maximus is one of my fave Prog/Power bands out there and they come from Norway. They are headlining the first edition of Metal Prog Fest on Friday 21st of August in Oslo, and they are playing Prog/PowerUSA X in Atlanta Georgia Sept 12th opening for fellow Norwegien brothers Pagan's Mind on sat! That will be one amazing show my friends. And dont forget that there is a Wed's nite show before PPX with Pagan's/Maximus (Both bands jammin and sharing the stage!!) Get your tix to that soon! Get them here if they havn't sold out already because it is limited to 500. Usually after this Weds show they have Metal Karaoke in the bar downstairs...thats a riot! Check out their excellent website at and take a peek at their video's of them recording and stuff I hope to see an actual music video on there soon. These guys are a band you need to watch out for. They are talented as hell and write the most amazing songs with the most incredible harmonies! Check out their new and improved
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trekman said...

Like so many other great bands from Norway, Ive thoroughly enjoyed Circus Maximus from the first time I heard them!

What an honor to be asked to come back to PPUSA a third time!! Goes to show just how great of a band they are! They Rock!