Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Amazing power metal band from Scandinavia, Evil Masquerade posted a new video on their Myspace page! Evil Masquerade's 4th studio album "Fade to Black" is now released and draws international rave reviews!

Evil Masquerade is made up of Henrik Flyman (gtr),Apollo Papathanasio (voc),Daniel Flores (dr),and Johan Niemann (bs). Apollo is also the singer for Firewind.

Evil Masquerade: Desire and Pain

Black Raven's Cry:

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trekman said...

Isnt Power Metal Great? I Love it! Ive been a fan of these guys too, since the first time I heard them.

I really liked Brockmann's vocals, but I think Apollo is the more metal and suited for the band.

I like Flores because he is so multi talented and has been in a lot of bands I enjoy. Him and Neimann were in Tears Of Anger together. LOVE that band!!

Flyman is a Axemaster, and just kicks ass.

I still havent picked up their latest CD. But I will. ;)