Saturday, July 18, 2009


Hello all Prog Power USA festival metal fans / supporters. It has been a long time watching from the sidelines waiting for the day that CAGE would be given the honor to perform at the PROG POWER USA festival in Atlanta, Georgia. Well the day has arrived and CAGE is 200% confirmed to play on Friday, September 11, 2009. CAGE is currently putting together the most potent and incendiary 45 minute music set of power metal music that will be unleashed upon the masses. The set that the band will have the honor of playing for all of you will include songs from all 5 CAGE cds: UNVEILED (1999), ASTROLOGY (2001), DARKER THAN BLACK (2003), HELL DESTROYER (2007) and their latest masterpiece SCIENCE OF ANNIHILATION (2009). CAGE's music will appeal to all heavy / power metal music fans of legendary bands such as Judas Priest - Iron Maiden - King Diamond - Savatage - Metal Church - Malice - Iced Earth - Queensryche - Halford. As a gesture of our generosity and goodwill, CAGE is making available an exclusive CAGE PROG POWER USA X festival FREE full song music mega-pack download featuring the following 9 full length mp3 songs from all 5 cds: SHOOT TO KILL - "Unveiled" cd (1999) NOMAD - "Unveiled" cd (1999) FINAL SOLUTION - "Astrology" cd (2001) THE EDGE - "Astrology" cd (2001) KILL THE DEVIL - "Darker Than Black" cd (2003) DOOR TO THE UNKNOWN - "Darker Than Black" cd (2003) HELL DESTROYER - "Hell Destroyer" cd (2007) KING DIAMOND - "Hell Destroyer" cd (2007) PLANET CRUSHER - "Science of Annihilation" cd (2009) The CAGE FREE full song music mega-pack can be downloaded at the following link: In addition, CAGE will be arriving on Thursday, September 10, 2009 and will be in attendance at the PROG POWER USA X Pre-Party where they hope to meet each and every one of the PP USA X festival attendees. CAGE will have all 5 cds and exclusive t-shirts available for sale at the festival. Other exciting CAGE PP USA X news will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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