Saturday, July 18, 2009


Masterplan News UPDATE: July 17 2009 Jorn talks Masterplan new album: "These are not just rumours." In an interview held on 1st June 2009 for the German Rock Hard magazine, Jorn - according to his own words - will be the singer on the next Masterplan album. "These are not just rumours," says the former Masterplan frontman. "The truth is, that we've discussed the recording of a new album and that I've got some songs that I wrote for Masterplan a few years ago. It looks good, it's going to work. We always used to get along well, but from the professional point of view, we decided to go separate ways in the past. Now I'm gonna focus on promoting my new solo album, I'm gonna play some more gigs etc. and after, we will decide how and when we'll start producing the new Masterplan album, we'll also see what the reaction of fans will be. There'll be another Masterplan CD but regarding a further cooperation nothing has yet been decided." "I think it's good that we've started working together again," adds Jorn, "mostly because of the fact that Masterplan's music with me on vocals is being considered something special."

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