Monday, July 20, 2009



Here's the scoop since I soft announced this yesterday on IRR (my beloved net radio station). If you read here, you're getting what is going up on the web site this weel. Ready? Willing? Let's get down. 1. Evergrey is a CONFIRMED headliner. Always pray for no visa issues, but I'm outsourcing this- so there better not be! ha. 2. Not only do we have Evergrey- I'm bringing at least one other MAJOR headliner of Evergrey's stature. Not to diminish any other band as that is NOT the case. I LOVE! each of these bands so much it's sick. As a fan to the Prog/Melodic/Power base I have to say it's a strong lineup and we're only at the SO-FAR stage!!!! 3. Who else? Get this....... Seven Witches- (Jack Frost, Mike LePond, Taz Marazz and James Rivera on vox), Circle II Circle (Zak Stevens- hellloooo Savatage x 2 with Jack, Mitch Stewart, Tom Drennan, Andy Lee and Bill Hudson) Sick already? Welllllllll- we've got Vougan- Carlos Zema of ex-Outworld, Heaven's Guardian fame along with the rest of the band- you'll be sick to hear them live, plus! Eumeria- Bobby Williamson (ex Outworld keys also) and Shawn Kascak (ex Outworld bass) Adam Sagan (drums-Into Eternity), Jonny Tatum on vox and Reece Fullwood on guits- BOTH out of the UK and independently known! AND!!! The Element- wanna hear that infamous net wonder Kashmir cover live? You will on the cruise. 4. There will be included: a preparty, a beach party (locales tba), a meet n greet w/ an optional (and reasonably priced) badge upgrade for an OPEN BAR MnG w/ the bands, clinics, and several shows, plus room, plus food, all included for a very fair price? Yep. I'm not willing to skimp to make a buck... anyone who knows me can vouch for this fact. This will rock and as long as I can meet the arrangements WILL translate ALL savings to the fans....... always. Why? Coz I'm a fan before a promoter myself. Count on that. 5. This is VERY exclusive. I fought this sucker to the very very very VERY! top of Carnival Cruise Lines. I called all the people I know to beg for support. The prog fan-ship is respectful and sophisticated. They WON'T be throwing chair thru windows... and that has happened on 'other' metal cruises. This event is honestly a probationary event. We nail it- we're cruisin for life. Different locales every year. Sadly- Carnival has a limit for what they will give to the metal world (for now). 200 cabins- 500 people. That is the max, this will not change- at all. NO expansion will be given. I'm sorry- I worked it to the top to make it happen- it's up to the group to see it to the next level. Sold out means just that. Wait lists will be imposed and adhered to- strictly. 6. Buying the regular cruise gives you negative zero chance of coming in to or sneaking in to the events. It WON'T happen. External security will be on site- as will Carnival. You must book via TPC to cruise TPC style. 7. Gambling, most liquor, excursions and souvenirs are your responsibility. 8. Who did that badass logo? Carlos Zema of Vougan. Sick, isn't it? Too much talent in one person? I'm jealous... working to get over it. 9. Cabin space. Double occupancy is required. Discounts are per cabin- pricing is per person. Up to !!! Quad occupancy till it runs out will be honored. 3rd/4th peeps get a slight discount. Work it out amongst yerselves. 10. YES! There is an early bird paid in full discount. This applies to all in the cabin- not individuals. 11. YES! There will be a payment plan. 12. YES! This is VERY fairly priced for all that is included. Starts at $650 (reg price) and goes up to $725 and this may change with time without notice. 13. YES! All the bands will be onboard for the entirety of the event. 14. This spells a LOT of it out now- all the rest will go up on within 14 days (or less). check frequently as it will change and updates will be coming as they happen. 15. I cannot WAIT to bring yall the FIRST!!!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!! cruise of this kind. The talent, the people, the everything. I truly want to honor the bands, the fans and the cruise line equally to show what we are all made of... have a kick ass time and be respectful and we cruise forever n ever. Questions? Save em or send em. I don't care. FAQs are being addressed. There is a MS pg coming for TPC, it's being prettied up for your viewing pleasure as I type. For now- check the TPC web site for all updates. Make sure you read the Terms n Conditions to fully get the gist of this- but otherwise you've got it. Looking forward to April 29th-May 3rd 2010 more than ANYONE else.
Much love and respect.

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