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Lacuna Coil, Kill Hannah & Seventh Void

Lacuna Coil, Kill Hannah & Seventh Void
@House of Blues 7-24-09
by Don Brown Sr.
Photos by Leah Burlington

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Andrea Ferro of Lacuna Coil at The House of Blues Las Vegas. Cristina Scabbia leads Lacuna Coil into battle.

Lacuna Coil has made many tour stops in Vegas but it was always as a opening act. So tonight will be different because they will be playing their first headlining show in Las Vegas at the House of Blues. Helping them out on this tour will be Chicago's Kill Hannah and Seventh Void who's members include Johnny Kelly & Kenny Hickey of Type O Negative. This looks like it will be a good night.

Seventh Void got the night off to a good start with singer Kenny Hickey. His voice sounded great. The band sounds like a darker more dangerous and soulless version of Velvet Revolver. They did a good job with the title track of their debut CD "HEAVEN IS GONE". They ripped through their short set and finished up with "DESCENT" as the fans got a nice treat.

Kill Hannah knows how to keep the fun in rock n roll. Singer/guitarist Mat Devine worked the crowd up with "NEW YORK CITY SPEED". Another good number was "ACID RAIN" which lead into "BLEED POISON BLOOD". Kill Hannah continued with an ode to their hometown "WELCOME TO CHICAGO MOTHERF**KERS". They ended their fun high energy set with "LIPS LIKE MORPHINE" as they seemed to add a few new fans in the process.

Lacuna Coil hit the stage with the song "SURVIVE" the first track off their latest CD SHALLOW LIFE. Singers Cristina Scabbia & Andrea Ferro sounded great as they headed into "FRAGMENTS OF FAITH". The group rocked on with "CLOSER" as their fans went wild. The setlist and band were tight as they poured it on with "DAYLIGHT DANCER".


Scabbia wailed on "I'M NOT AFRAID" then they took the crowd "TO THE EDGE" and we loved it. There was no letting up with "SWAMPED". The band pushed on with "FRAGILE" as the seemed to be hitting their stride.

Marco adds some bass lines.

The band picked up momentum with "ENTWINED" as the end of their set was getting near. Cristina & Andrea let it loose on "I WON'T TELL YOU" as the fans cheered their every move. The crowd went crazy from the first notes of one of their best songs "HEAVEN'S A LIE". They finished up their red hot set with the Depeche Mode classic "ENJOY THE SILENCE". The fans cheered them on as Lacuna Coil left the stage.

The band returned promptly with the perfect song "NOT ENOUGH" because none of this crowd had enough. The fans were held "SPELLBOUND" as the group thrilled us at every turn. Lacuna Coil held court with one last number "OUR TRUTH" to show us one last time just how good this band is live.

We would like to thank Mark for all his help.

Photographs by Leah Burlington.

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