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I have not slept more than 1.5 hours since i started my 6 hour drive to Fredrikstad yesterday, but last night was so awesome that i need to get my feelings "down on paper" before getting more sleep. Razz

Nøisom gård is the whereabouts of a motorcycle club in Fredrikstad, located in an industrial area of town, but still with some population since the show needed to be finished around 11 pm. All though Jorn played for like 20 mins over the time. Also worth to mention this was a gig taking place in a huge tent outside the clubhouse so i guess the sound carried a long way.

This was the 8th time seeing Jorn live and as i said to them last night, this is the best performance to date. It was a very tight band on stage, they had great fun playing and the crowd had a great time. Jørn interacted with the crowd in his usual manor and with great humor. Not to mention the set list which i found truly great. This was obviously Jorn's homeground and he was making jokes about his grand grand grand parents coming from a place called....Lande, close to the nearby town Sarpsborg. Also used the time in between songs to tell how it was to grow up between the mountains in Rjukan which he said inspired him to make a song like "Man Of The Dark".

Myself, i had a great time, even without having a beer which i like to enjoy when going to concerts. I also hooked up with Destiny and we plus one other guy got interviewed by the local paper and it will be in Mondays edition. Will try to get it posted when the story is done and i have received the pdf file from the paper.
I also met quite a few forum and myspace friends for the first time this night and Tore also introduced me to his mom. Smile
There was also one person in the audience that also use to be on stage, Sid Ringsby were the and watched the show with his family.

So..the set list. Think some of you might like it and you'll see why. 4 songs from Spirit Black were done.

Soul Of The Wind

Shadow People


We Brought The Angels Down


Spirit Black

Man Of The Dark

The Inner Road

Rock And Roll Angel

Tungur Knivur

Tore solo


Road Of The Cross

Willy solo


War Of The World

By this time they were 15 mins over the playing time, but were allowed to do one more song and as extra extra song.

Are You Ready

There will always be some that might not even find this set list up to their wishes or standard, but to me..i loved it.

We Brought The Angles Down& Below

Video from Lars: Road of the Cross

(Review courtesy of Lars from the Stormcrow forum to see his photos go to this link.)

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