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Will Saxon Play in San Antonio August 22nd 2009?

Hello- I am devout SAXON fan and I was looking forward to seeing them in ROCKGONE WILD! Infact, the main reason behind going to the now forgone, fest was to see SAXON!!!! SO, I ask you kindly, will SAXON be playing for certain 100% in San Antonio, Texas on the 22nd of August. If so, I will reschedule my flight from Iowa To Texas and make plans accordingly (Hotel, Car Rental etc.). Please let me know. R, Mark E. Tomor -Biff rules the world!!

SAXON will play san Antonio on the 22nd of august - 100% Thomas Jensen - Manager

(Now thats good news aint it???? I WISH I could go......)

More Saxon news!!

Saxon won the "Spirit of Metal" Golden God award
19-06-09 12:25 By: Webmaster

Metal Hammer:

"The embodiment of heavy music, we’re giving the Spirit Of Metal (sponsored by Jagermeister) award to one of Britain’s finest metal acts!

And the winner is…


Their comeback shows no signs of slowing down and after a stunning slot as headliner at this year’s Hard Rock Hell festival, Saxon represent 100% true British heavy metal. Hell yeah!"

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