Friday, August 21, 2009


OK , so I am reposting a reply on the Ultimate Forum today about Saxon playing at Prog/Power one day ( and this phone call happened:

Here is how it happened:
You guys are not going to believe this!! I just got off the phone with my buddy Taylor. He is at the Airport in Texas awaiting a flight to Cali when he suddenly see's SAXON!!! He called me and said hey Biff is here in this store ..I was like Hey let me say hi!!! (I met them and saw them at Wacken 07 at the pre- show and at the fest and worked on Nigel Glocker backstage) I went to see them specifically at WOA!! So whats he do? He hands the phone to Biff "freakin" Bifford
and I was talking with one of my heros!!! He remembered me from the show and I aplogized that I cant see them tomorrow but he told me to look out for them soon on a tour here in the states maybe after Nov!!! I was estatic!! He was so cool and gave me over to Paul Quinn to chat for a min... He was like, "Oh the American girl at the Pre-show!!" Hahaa! I make an impression!!! I am telling you I am still shaking like a leaf...I LOVE SAXON so much!!! Crazy that I posted a reply to this and then I get this call and was talking to them like two minutes later!!!....How random is that?????? Freakin awesome!!! Thank you Taylor and SAXON!!! SAXON RULE!!!!


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