Friday, September 18, 2009

TRITON POWER CRUISE Announces PAGANS MIND to stand in for Circle II Circle!!

TRITON POWER CRUISE Announces PAGANS MIND to stand in for Circle II Circle

Houston, TX – September 17, 2009 – Triton Power Cruise has announced Norwegian recording artists Pagans Mind will replace Circle II Circle.

Norwegian band Pagans Mind will step in with co-headliners Evergrey, Crimson Glory and Jon Oliva’s Pain for the United States first-ever progressive and power metal cruise. Casey Grillo of Kamelot joins the lineup as a special guest of Beatnik Rhythm Analyzers to host a drum clinic on the ship.

“Unfortunately, we ran into a scheduling conflict with Circle II Circle and as of this juncture they have been removed from the lineup of the Triton Power Cruise. It is greatly disheartening to not have Circle II Circle playing but we look forward to future endeavors with this incredibly talented band.” said Beth Mays, Promoter and Director of the event. “To have a band of the caliber of Pagans Mind step in and play this event is beyond my reckoning. As a personal fan of this band I am honored to have them onboard.”

QUOTE- Currently Pagans Mind is on tour in North America throughout September.

The Triton Power Cruise web site is Cabin prices range from $650-$725 per person with a mandatory minimum double occupancy. Price includes; cabin, all food on the cruise, a pre-party on Thursday, April 29, 2010, party in the Bahamas, all concerts including an all-star jam, Meet and Greet and more. Optional badge upgrade will be available for a private OPEN BAR party with the bands for $50. Additional promotion codes are being offered via internet heavy metal station

Media Contacts:

Triton Power Cruise Media Contact: Beth Mays 713-498-8216 (
Tourdates for last part of the North America tour:

26th Station 4 - St. Paul , Minnesota, USA PAGAN'S MIND HEADLINE SHOW

25th Pyramid Club, Addison, IL, USA

24th Peabody’s , Cleveland, OH, USA

23rd Sonar , Baltimore, USA

21st Middle East , Boston, Massachusetts, USA

20th Medley, Montreal, CANADA

19th Imperial de Quebec, Quebec City, CANADA

18th Opera House, Toronto, CANADA

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