Monday, October 5, 2009


SAXON is going to FINALLY get a real US tour and they are coming to the west coast in Feburary!!! I am so excited!!! Lol!!! One of the greatest NWOBHM bands ever!!! And ANVIL is opening!!! Should be a SICK show not to miss so get your asses out there and see these guys!! They are also one of the greatest LIVE metal bands ever!!! This is what Biff was talking to me about when I spoke with him on the phone!! I am so happy for them!!

Saxon’s Battallions Of Steel – 30th Anniversary Tour w/ Anvil

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MilesPerHour said...

I have been a huge Saxon fan since my college days in the early eighties when they first started out. I get excited with every new album they put out.

Leah Burlington said...

I know!!! I love them so much too.. I went to WOA to see them in 07! Never thought they would come back here!! I am stoked!! \m/\m/